Course: The Mindset Behind Mixing

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All courses marked accessible, will accommodate our visually impaired learners.

Session 1 - Preparing to Mix:

  • Creating a track order
  • Basic routing using folders
  • Gain staging using Peak Watcher
  • Cleaning up and tuning tracks using traditional approaches and some automated tools
  • Leveraging ReaConsole to increase productivity in the TCP

Session 2 - Creating the Static Mix:

  • Setting levels and pan for individual tracks
  • Applying broad-stroke filtering and compression to achieve a controlled static mix
  • Creating a basic master chain

Session 3 - EQ 101:

  • Subtractive versus additive EQ
  • Broad-strokes versus surgical EQ
  • Identifying and addressing problematic frequencies
  • Carving & enhancing tracks and buses

Session 4 - Compression 101:

  • Smoothing track levels
  • Creating punch & excitement
  • Routing techniques which ensure that vocals are always audible

Session 5 - Effects 101:

  • Folders versus buses
  • Use of spacial effects such as reverb and delays to glue the mix together
  • Enhancing tracks using creative effects such as saturation, filters, chorus, etc.

Session 6 - Automating the Mix:

  • Breathing life, dynamics and extra excitement into the mix by automating levels, panning and effects

Session 7 - The Revision Process:

  • How to deliver the mix to clients for approval
  • Executing revision requests efficiently
  • Learning to identify the finish line for each project

Session 8 - Finalizing the Mix:

  • Final tweaks to the master chain
  • Exporting your work as a stereo bounce and/or stems
  • Best practices to prepare the mix for mastering

Session 9 - Wrap-Up:

  • How to maintain momentum going forward
  • Discussion of good and bad techniques to build relationships with clients/engineers/producers
  • How to increase your chances of scoring return clients
  • Examination of how and when to start monetizing your new mixing skills