Course: Song Writing

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All courses marked accessible, will accommodate our visually impaired learners.

Session 1- Song Theory:

  • Song Structure
  • Rhyme Scheme
  • Basic Chord Theory

Session 2 - Writing Process Begins:

  • Finding creative inspiration
  • Developing creative workflow and environment
  • Executing the songwriting process

Session 3 - Demoing Process:

  • Understanding the purpose of a basic song demo, (work tape)
  • Demoing inside of a DAW vs other recording methods
  • Executing song demo

Session 4 - Conceptualizing final product:

  • Understanding ultimate goal of one’s written work, Ie, pitching, or self publishing asanartist
  • Sourcing a studio or individual to create final product.(for this course, instructor will be creating final products for those who are unable todo so).

Session 5 - Final Product Creation begins:

  • Instructor will demonstrate one way to incorporate work tape into the recording Session used for creating the final product
  • Learners who are able to record final product will being doing so•Instructor will begin recording final products for learners unable todoso giving live demonstration of the creation process
  • A discussion on how to find studios and individuals to record songs online
  • Finding the right demo singer for pitching purposes.For those unable to sing, demo singer willbe provided
  • A discussion on how to find demo singers online

Session 6 - Finalizing Song:

  • For learners recording final product, mixing and mastering begins.For learners having products recorded, instructor will demonstrate basic mixing and mastering process.
  • A discussion on how to mind mixing and mastering engineers online

Session 7 - Pitching or Self-publishing:

  • A discussion on how to use final product to pitch to publisher
  • A discussion on how to self-publish a song on digital platforms such as iTunes