Course: Logic Pro X LTA

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All courses marked accessible, will accommodate our visually impaired learners.

Session 1 - Introduction to Logic:

  • Acquiring Logic
  • Installing Extra contentInstalling KeyCommands File and Changing preferences for use as a visually impaired userThe creating session dialog (Setting initial tempo and time signature
  • and Track types to start project with)configuring the hardware and software
  • testing with a quick recording and configuring the metronome/click

Session 2 - Basic recording:

  • Recording audio tracksRecording software instruments/MIDIQuick Overview of the Library and EventList for great starting points for sounds and basic MIDI Editing.Saving Your Project/Basic File Management

Session 3 - Navigating And Editing the project:

  • Different ways to move through the project time lineSelecting tracks and RegionsTrack sorting
  • copying
  • cutting and pasting
  • deleting tracksOther important editing commands (nudging
  • shuffling
  • Moving regions to playhead etc.)

Session 4 - Getting Familiar With Logic’s Interface:

  • Overview of the Interface
  • Inspector
  • Library
  • Mixer
  • Smart Controls etc.Manipulating Tracks and Regions with the inspector Introduction To FlexTime/FlexPitch (Transposing Audio and Allowing audio to slow down/speed up with tempo changes as MIDI does)

Session 5 - Drummer And Loop Browser:

  • Introduction to the DrummerBuilding out a drum track using the Drummer and or Finger DrummingUsing the Loop BrowserIntroduction to Step Recording

Session 6 - Intro to mixing in logic:

  • Overview of DAW Signal FlowDiscussion on the different elements of a mixDiscussion of insert and send effects
  • and how they differ from each other
  • and when and how to use themHow the library Patches and Channel strip settings relate to all this.

Session 7 - Hands on mixing:

  • Creating the static mixDiscussion of Gain Staging Getting basic levels and panning

Session 8 - Continuing the mix:

  • Patching insert effects
  • EQs
  • and compressors
  • and using them to enhance tracksLogic’s Channel EQ vs Linear EQ vs Vintage EQ Collection and when each maybe suitable.The different flavors/Color of the Logic Compressor

Session 9 - Spacial effects:

  • Patching Spacial effects
  • reverbs
  • delays
  • and using them throughout the mixTape Delay
  • Stereo Delay and when each type may be appropriateChromoverb vs Space Designer or should you go more old school with one of logic’s other reverbs?When best to use Delay instead of Reverb

Session 10 - Stereo Output/Master And Bouncing/Exporting:

  • Basic mastering
  • and bouncing the completed projectDiscussion of different file formats for exporting and sharing Options built into logic.Exporting Multi Tracks and stems and options for long term archiving