Course: Logic Pro X EXS24 LTA

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Session 1 - Introduction to EXS24:

  • Instantiating EXS24 on a track and going over the interface.Cover Basic Importing/Recording/Editing to chop a region and convert it into a sampler instrumentCovering Importing by region or by transient
  • Assigning to a key and saving the instrument so it can be recalled.Recording something with the new instrument. Covering when to convert it back to audio and adjusting tempo with Flextime.

Session 2 - Creating Full Instruments:

  • File Management and Sample Naming For Auto Mapp accuracy.Importing samples and The different options to have it playable across the keyboard based on how many samples you have Saving the instrument and understanding EXS24 Instrument file management. Useful for sharing your instrument or moving to another computer in the future
  • but also to make sure it’s backed up correctly. Also an overview of Preset/Patch saving to speed workflow in the future.Pulling up the instrument on a new track and testing it out in use

Session 3 - Drums:

  • File Management and Sample Naming For Auto Mapp accuracy as it relates to drums.Importing One Shot Samples and making sure they are mapped correctly.Saving the instrument and playing it in a track.Creating Presets/Patches to have drum sounds ready to go in the future.

Session 4 - Drums Advanced:

  • Importing Multi layer/Multi Velocity Samples.Creating and saving a kit with Velocity Layers. Creating A Multi Layered Kit for Round Robin Realism.

Session 5 - Drums Advanced 2:

  • Combining the two and building a kit with Round Robin and Multi Velocity.Setting up a Multi OutPut Routing so you Can Route the different Kit Pieces to their Own track/Bus.