Course: Komplete Kontrol

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Session 1 - Hardware Layout:

  • Overview of Komplete Kontrol Keyboards.

Session 2 - Browsing Maschine Content Using Kompete Kontrol Keyboards:

  • The benefits of this method.

Session 3 - Driving The Maschine Software Using A 3 Pronged Approach:

  • Utilizing a combination of Maschine Hardware, Komplete Kontrol Keyboards and the computer for maximum efficiency.

Session 4 - Overview Of Komplete Kontrol Software:

  • Browsing both Native Instruments and 3rdparty content as well asnavigating loaded content’s parameters using the Komplete Kontrol Keyboards.

Session 5 - Using Komplete Kontrol’s Performance Features:

  • Arpeggios, scales and touch strips.