Course: Audio Mixing in Logic

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All courses marked accessible, will accommodate our visually impaired learners.

Session 1 - Introduction to the Logic work flow:

  • Configuring the hardware and software
  • Best practices for use as a visually impaired user

Session 2 - Creating a project:

  • The open session dialog
  • Discussion of different track types
  • Setting initial tempo and time signature, and other default parameters
  • Creating a work template

Session 3 - Basic recording:

  • Recording audio tracks
  • Recording software instruments

Session 4 - Navigating the project:

  • Different ways to move through the project time line
  • Selecting tracks
  • Selecting regions

Session 5 - Editing the project:

  • Track sorting, copying, cutting and pasting, deleting tracks
  • Other important editing commands

Session 6 - Intro to mixing in logic:

  • Discussion on the different elements of a mix
  • Discussion of insert and send effects, and how they differ from each other, and when and how to use them

Session 7 - Hands on mixing:

  • Creating the static mix
  • Discussion of the static mix
  • Getting basic levels and panning

Session 8 - Continuing the mix:

  • Patching insert effects, EQs, and compressors, and using them to enhance tracks

Session 9 - Spacial effects:

  • Patching Spacial effects, reverbs, delays, and using them throughout the mix

Session 10 - Treating the Master/2 track mix and bouncing the final project:

  • Basic mastering, and bouncing the completed project