Music Production & Engineering Program (MPEP)


I See Music LLC is officially permitted and approved by the State of Illinois Board of Higher Education under the Private Business and Vocational School Act of 2012. Click here to view an online copy of the Permit of approval Illinois Board of Higher education.


The education received in the MPEP Training Program is a solid foundation for any advanced training that a learner would be interested in pursuing upon completion of the training. This program is a non-degreed program with no transferable certification offered at this time.


  • The learner has to be blind (low to no vision), with an age range of 14 – 50 years of age.
  • The learner has to have the ability to use a computer keyboard.
  • The learner must show the ability to meet financial requirements.

Student Complaints

Students can register a complaint about this school at any time with the:

Illinois Board of Higher Education/Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools
431 East Adams Street, 2nd Floor
Springfield, IL 62701-1404
Complaint Call Line (217)557-7359

Program Offering – Music Production & Engineering Program (MPEP)

The MPEP Training Program teaches low to no-vision people interested in music production foundational components of recording studio functions, while acquiring the ability to utilize new skill sets on an independent level.

MPEP is taught in 7-week sessions, composed of 6 modules per session, during a 4-day class week. The total amount of hours for completion is 224.

The classes are scheduled Monday – Thursday, and will utilize Friday as an optional make-up day.

When each learner begins the program, he or she will be introduced to the studio/classroom environment as it relates to its basic functions – moving about in the control room/sound booths, training room, personal needs, etc.

**Next class term dates: July 31, 2017 – September 21, 2017 **

Full Time Only
Monday – Thursday 9am until 6pm
1-hour Lunch break
2 15-minute breaks (1 morning break, 1 afternoon break)

Module 1: 32 clock hours

Voice-Over Training – Mastery of Voice-Over functions and commands

Module 2: 40 clock hours

MAC O/S 10 – Orientation of the MAC computer, and basic functions of the MAC operating system

Module 3: 4 clock hours

Audio Interface/Equipment Familiarity

Module 4: 60 clock hours

Pro-Tools – Understanding and mastery of digital audio workstation

Module 5: 8 clock hours

Business Applications/Studio Etiquette

Module 6: 80 clock hours

Application & Recording/Signal Flow/ Mixing

Module 7: 32 clock hours

DJ Pro


The initial cost of the MPEP Training Program is $22,400. There is a learner intake assessment fee of $40 that is due prior to enrollment. The learner is responsible for an Apple Laptop computer that costs between $1,500 – $3,000 (based on vocational needs). Other purchases required total $400(note-taking device). The payment schedule is based on each evaluation completed two modules at a time. For example, every two modules averages 8days of training, and an evaluation is done at that time to determine the student’s information retention. Upon completion of the evaluation, an invoice is issued for 1/3 of the total tuition payment. This same procedure is done for the remaining modules.

If a student chooses to cancel or withdraw from the MPEP program, he or she will have the opportunity to receive a refund based on time of attendance. Every module attended reduces the student’s refund by 20%.


Currently, there are four out of four students that have successfully completed MPEP. They are currently in the process of acquiring clients that are in need of studio engineering services. One of the students is actually in the process of spearheading his own business, which happens to be a recording studio that will service the needs of his community.


MPEP Catalog 2017 PDF

Permit of approval Illinois Board of Higher education (PDF)