Course: Maschine

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All courses marked accessible, will accommodate our visually impaired learners.

Session 1 - Maschine Mikro Hardware Layout and Best Practices for Optimum use:

  • Orientation of Maschine Mikro
  • Overview of Maschine Software
  • Using both hardware and software together for maximum accessibility

Session 2 - Anatomy of a Maschine Project:

  • Sounds, groups, Master, Patterns, Scenes and how they work together to create a Maschine Project.
  • Running Maschine stand alone Running Maschine as a plug-in
  • Benefits of each method

Session 3 - Browsing and Loading Content from the Maschine Library:

  • Loading Projects, Groups, Sounds, Instruments, Effects and Samples
  • Importing
  • Loading Users created content

Session 4 - Preparing To and Recording Drum Patterns Using the Maschine Sequencer:

  • Setting Tempo, pattern length
  • Setting up the metronome
  • Setting up Quantize
  • Recording the pattern
  • Erasing elements of the pattern
  • Step recording patterns
  • Using Performance features of Maschine

Session 5 - Editing Patterns:

  • Doubling Patterns
  • Duplicating Patterns
  • Copying Patters to different locations
  • Creating Swing for the entire project
  • Individual Groups or Individual Sounds

Session 6 - Recording Patterns in Additional Groups:

  • Recording Bass, Chords, Lead lines
  • Using Keyboard Mode

Session 7 - Mixing with Maschine:

  • Setting volume and Pan
  • Using EQ and Compression as Insert Effects
  • Setting up Reverb and Delay as Send Effects
  • Sending sounds to individual outputs for mixing in DAWs

Session 8 - Arranging groups and Patterns into Scenes to Create a Complete Song/Project:

  • Setting up the first scene
  • Building additional scenes
  • Duplicating scenes
  • Deleting scenes
  • Stringing scenes together
  • Using other scene features

Session 9 - Sampling with Maschine :

  • Preparing toand recording samples
  • Editing Samples
  • Slicing Samples

Session 10 - Recap:

  • Creating a project from start to finish