The Vision of Creatives

I See Music, LLC is creating a community of music lovers where accessibility is not an issue in this very technical and sighted industry. I See Music services the artistic and technical needs of those belonging to this music community through Pro-Tools software training for the blind, Sound equipment rental for live music shows, Studio time rental for recording sessions, music studio design consulting, and providing specialized training for the blind in music studio production and engineering

Our Services

Sound Equipment Rental

I See Music provides specialized equipment that is necessary for live music shows taking place in small venues with an average of a 500-person capacity.

Studio Time Rental

The I See Music facility houses On The Moon Studio, a full-service music production and engineering studio, where artists can record live or digital music at an hourly rate.

Studio Design Consulting

I See Music provides consulting services to those looking to build their own music recording studio.

Features Include

Artist OBI Soul Star playing the guitar and singing in live room.
Photographer Chelsea Porter.


The vision of I See Music was birthed out of a non-visual observation. Those who don’t see, still see music. Therein lies an innate desire to create and record music without depending on their sighted counterparts. Thus, I See Music was born.

Control room at On The Moon Studio, Photographer Chelsea Porter

Our Services

I See Music serves as a resource tool for those who are in need of music-related services including musicians, songwriters, composers, producers, and engineers of the visually-impaired community. Learn about our services

Byron Harden in an orange button down collared shirt and dark grey pin
striped dress pants standing next to the On The Moon logo in the control room. Photographer Chelsea Porter.

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